Imanlou Yashar

Yashar Imanlou

Name:Imanlou Yashar
Date of birth:21st Nov 1993
Phone:+1 778 200 5129



1. Drupz

DevOps & CI/CD Consultant

Drupz b2b platform, servicing as an intelligent engine for banks to analyze users transactions and find saving money patterns. Because of banks’ deployments difficulties, I joined the team to run Continuous Integration and Continuous  Delivery (CI/CD).


Notable challenges and skills:

  • Complicated Deployment environment
  • Software Security Auditing
  • Service Containerization using Docker
  • Completely automated test life cycle using Gitlab CI

2. Mega Group

Senior Software Systems Engineer

Mega (better known by its brand product, is one of the highest online payment transaction websites in Iran. Mega is the sale contractor for the largest car industries in Iran (e.g., which leads to extremely high loads in special sales.

I joined the team to improve their sale system and make it scalable and distributed for high load sales (up to about 4 million requests in an hour).


Notable challenges and skills:

  • Designing scalable Microservice architecture
  • Service Containerization using Docker
  • Running Kubernetes
  • Running Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) and Continuous Deployment  over Azure Cloud Services
  • Designing and implementing high stress queue service (about 10K concurrent requests)  with OpenResty and clustered Redis
  • Running Load, Performance and Stress tests, using JMeter and
  • Automated Integration Tests



3. 2nate Crowdfunding

Co-founder & CTO, Technical Consultant

My team and I as the co-founder and CTO of 2nate (pronounced same as “donate” [/dәʊneɪt/]) built the leading Iranian crowdfunding platform focusing on charity & social impact activities in the categories of “Living Environment”, “Health”, “Emergency Relief”, “Occupation” & “Culture”.

Our achievements and successes in making the environment around us a better place, made me proud to be a part of 2nate. These are some of our proud list:

Notable challenges and skills:

  • Running a scrum team (as scrum master)
  • Software product management with a team of five developers by issue tracking and hosting git over Gitlab (self hosted)
  • Organised branching model using Git-Flow
  • Automated Unit Tests

(Currently I’m working with 2nate as a Technical Consultant)


4. Sisbun


Sisbun was a fantastic “Medical Nutrition Therapy” expert system based on “Krause’s Food & the Nutrition Care Process”. It was designed to analyze and detect diseases in a human body based on eating habits, life style, working situation & etc and then try to cure the diagnosed disease by suggesting a dynamic diet.


Notable challenges and skills:

  • Analyzing and designing MVC software for a medical diagnosis and treatment life cycle
  • Service (API) based Laravel application

5. Sante


Sante was a supplement of Sisbun. It was a healthy food delivery providing suggested Sisbun diet foods. I worked on a just in time ERP system for Sante delivery to build a more robust production.


Notable challenges and skills:

  • Analyzing and designing MVC software for a business production management system
  • Using Laravel with Blade
  • Build automation using Gulp

6. Teyhou

Department Manager of Web Design

I joined Teyhou as a developer to create it’s very first website, but as soon as I finished my task, I got promoted to the Manager of Web Design Department. At Teyhou I lead my team to create best quality websites for companies and individuals. Here was the start of my professional life and I’ve got learn a lot from it.


7. Tehran Institute of Technology – Shiraz...

Network & System Support (Intern)

I served at Dibagaran as a self request intern program, during the most crowded season of the institute in year. Beside the technician part, I was an instructor in some private Linux courses in Dibagaran.



1. LPIC 1

LPIC 1 from Linux Professional Institute